Meeting Miranda Sings


So something kind of cool happened to me recently. And I don’t really say that very often. For Christmas, my dear cousin Clare was gifted two tickets to a live performance of her favorite You Tuber, the one, the only, Miranda Sings. For those of you who don’t know Miranda Sings (What, are you living underneath a rock?) she is a YouTube sensation by the name of Colleen Ballinger, an extremely talented singer and human being. Miranda is her alter-ego of sorts. She is a goofy, wacky character of a person whose original purpose was to poke fun at the thousands of deluded teenage girls who upload videos of themselves singing horribly off-key cover versions of their favorite pop songs on YouTube. These parody videos of Miranda took off, and now Colleen has millions of subscribers who tune in daily to hear her crazy rants, nonsense, and intentionally horrible covers of popular songs, such as Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off (Shout out to my girl Tay).

I didn’t think about Miranda again for a while until my little sister, Juliet came up to visit me while I was in school in Pennsylvania in April. She must have showed me over a thousand YouTube videos of hunky Britsh boys goofing around for views, as well as a few of Miranda. It was at this time that I first really watched her, and I had the utmost respect for her unabashed weirdness, a weirdness I wish I could emulate.

Clare had been planning on attending the event, which was a “concert” followed by a meet and greet, with her mother, who had to back out due to some last minute plans. She needed an adult to accompany her to the event, and I was already consoling my disappointment when it once again dawned on me that I am an adult, something I easily forget. So the following Sunday, we hopped on a train in Jersey and Headed for Westbury, New York.

It was a great day, despite the fact that an Iggy Azalea song played in the train station, in the car, and a the concert. I was surrounded by tweens, all in a mad frenzy as they were about to meet their idol. I felt a little guilty, that I, a new fan, had the coveted meet and greet passes, but I wasn’t going to give them up easily. Miranda put on a show that was as weird as I wished it could be. There was lots of crazy dancing, participation from over-zealous audience members, and references to videos that I had not yet seen. Afterwards, the VIP ticket holders were asked to wait in their seats, and I sat with an air of superiority about me as my lesser peers were forced to leave the auditorium. She did a Q&A with the crowd, and then we got to go up one by one and take a picture with Miranda/Colleen, who basically stayed in character the whole time. It was weird, and she was weird, but you have to admire someone who is that devoted to her craft.



One of my favorite parts of the day was getting to see Clare with Miranda. She was so excited.


You might now be able to tell here, but Miranda is super-beautiful


I took a selfie with Miranda’s adorable sister, Rachel. Rachel had me take the picture several times before she was satisfied that she looked cute enough. I hear ya girl.

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