Yankee Candle Haul


Along with my love of makeup I also have a love of candles, especially Yankee Candles. However, they are so expensive that I don’t get to buy them as much as I would like to. But twice a year, Yankee Candle has their semi-annual sale, where they have a TON of candles on sale for crazy cheap, like half off or more. So I went a little crazy, but I thought I would share with you what I picked up.


The Sprawl


I picked up 3 of the mini-jars to test out some of their summer scents. So far I am loving Vineyard, but can’t wait to smell the others.


I had to get this one because it is so pretty and summery. It is a layered candle so it’s like three candles in one.


I can’t believe the large jars are only $13.99, when normally they are $27.99. This one smells so good, like a hot cup of tea.


I love Yankee Candle’s pure radiance line. The candles all smell amazing and also, they have wooden wicks that crackle when they are lit. This scent is in Pearlescent, a clean scent that smells exactly like Dove Bar soap, which is pretty much why I bought it. It is next to me lit as I write this, and it smells incredible. Definitely a new favorite.


This isn’t a candle, but an air freshener. I bought this to go in the downstairs bathroom in my house, and the scent, Bahama Breeze, smells fruity and delicious.


This is another large jar. Fresh scents are my favorite, and this one smells so fresh and a touch floral.


This is a special edition of Vineyard, which is my sister’s favorite candle.


I picked up a car jar in Home Sweet Home, which is my all time favorite Yankee Candle scent, as well as two tarts in Lucky Shamrock and Sunflower for my tart burner.

7 thoughts on “Yankee Candle Haul

  1. Amazing haul! I LOVE candles! Recently bought 2 cotton candy 2 wick tumblers and am in love! That summer trio sounds divine! For a while the Slatkin candles took a front seat to Yankee for me, but once bath and body changed their candles Yankee became my #1 again!


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