My Favorite Beauty YouTubers


1.) Essiebutton

Essiebutton, or Estee Lalonde, is my all time favorite YouTuber. Technically, she is not a beauty guru but a lifestyle blogger, but she does a lot of beauty stuff. Not only is she beautiful, but she seriously has the best personality. She is so funny, and so chill. I could honestly listen to her talk for hours and I know a lot of people feel the same way. Another thing I love about Estee is that she is so smart. You can tell when she talks that she is very intelligent and doesn’t take beauty too seriously. Also, she just has the most enviable life. If you haven’t seen her yet, you totally should.

2.) Kathleenlightsimage-3-makeup

Kathleen has been my obsession for months now, and it’s not going away. What I love about Kathleen is that she is just so talented at doing makeup. She comes up with the most gorgeous looks that I would never even think of, and she can do an eye makeup tutorial like no one’s business. She is really dedicated to YouTube and puts a lot of time into her videos. I also appreciate how she uses a good blend of high end and low end products, and never uses anything absurdly expensive because she knows what her viewers can afford.

3.) Tanya Burr


There is a reason Tanya is so popular. She is just the loveliest person, and is so talented. She has been doing makeup for years and is so good at it. She always does looks that are so wearable and easy to replicate. Not only is she insanely gorgeous, but she is very down to earth and very talented. Also, I am obsessed with her and her fiancee, they are complete relationship goals.

Who are your favorite YouTubers?

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