Elf Brushes Everyone Should Own


Hi everybody! I’m back today with a post about makeup brushes. It is incredible important for any makeup lover to have a set of good brushes in their collection. However, quality makeup brushes tend to be pricey, and not everyone can afford to buy all of the brushes they need. That is why I love Elf brushes. They are incredible quality for an extremely low price, and I rely on them every day to create any makeup look that I am wearing. Here are the best Elf brushes that make it easy to build up your brush collection without breaking the bank.


Elf Complexion Brush, $3

This is my favorite of all of my Elf brushes. It is a fluffy brush that is slightly flat on each side. It is perfect for applying bronzers and blush. I love how expensive and luxurious it feels.

IMG_4903[1]Powder Brush, $3

This is a unique brush, and I don’t own anything else like it. It is a densely packed brush with the bristles cut flat at the top. It is perfect because it hold a lot of powder, but then releases it when you dab it onto your face. It is the only brush I use for applying powder foundations, loose powders, and finishing powders.

IMG_4904[1]Small Stipple Brush, $3

This brush is great for blending concealer, cream contour, and also for applying cream blushes.

IMG_4905[1]Blush Brush $3

I don’t use this brush for blush, as is it’s purpose, because I find it is too small for that. However, the tapered, small top is perfect for setting under eye concealer, and applying highlighter to the cheekbones.

IMG_4907[1]Ultimate Blending Brush, $6

This really is exactly what the name states. This has become my go to brush for applying foundation, taking the place of my beloved beauty blender. It is a really quality brush, with densely packed brushes, slightly domed. It applies foundation completely flawlessly and gives my such nice coverage.

IMG_4909[1]Professional Eyeshadow Brush, $1

This is a really basic eyeshadow brush, but it gets the job done. It is a flat shader brush that packs on a lot of color. ANd it cant be beat at $1!

IMG_4908[1]Small Angled Brush, $3

Don’t feel the need to spend a lot of money on something as basic as an angled brush. This is my go to brush for filling in my eyebrows, and I use it with my Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade, and it works great.

Thank you for reading! What are some of your favorite makeup brushes?

20 thoughts on “Elf Brushes Everyone Should Own

  1. I looooove ELF brushes! I agree they feel oh so luxurious and are just so darn affordable! My ultimate favorite is the powder brush it beats all my high end powder brushes! I need to get my hands on the stippling brush and the ultimate blending brush! They look like they’ll be a staple in my collection!


  2. I literally ran to Target after reading this and I don’t know how I was even doing my make up without these before! So affordable and good quality!
    Thank you!


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