My Skincare Routine


So in the morning, I basically just wash my face and prime my skin, so I don’t really do anything fancy with my skincare. Before I go to bed at night is when I do my full skin care routine. Before this, I would just wash my face with soap, not even bothering to properly remove my makeup. A few months ago, I started a proper skincare routine. Here are all of the products that I use to keep my face healthy.

Step 1: I remove my makeup either with my Estee Lauder Makeup Remover Lotion, or with makeup removing wipes when I’m feeling lazy.  I love the ED lotion because it is moisturizing and dissolves stubborn makeup.  This is just a sample size, and when I’m finished I probably won’t be repurchasing it as it is expensive. If anyone knows of a similar product they love that is affordable, I would love to hear it!

Step 2: Wash Face. I wash my face after I remove my makeup with Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser. I bought this recently, and I love it. It is a gentle cleanser so it doesn’t strip moisture away from my skin, but leaves it feeling clean and refreshed. I also love it’s fresh lemony scent.

Step 3:  Tone Skin. Lately I have been getting into spritzing rose water on my skin. I was reading that is a great natural skin softener and that is has calming properties. . You can buy it at any health food store. I keep mine in a spritz bottle and a sometimes reapply it throughout the day. It is very refreshing in the summer.  Next, On a cotton round, I apply Lancome Tonique Confort all over my skin. This is a moisturizing toner with a milky texture, and it smells AMAZING. It calms my skin and it feels so moisturizing. I haven’t found another toner like this one.

Step 4: Serum. I wanted to start using an anti aging product in my regimen because even though I am 20, I noticed that I was getting some fine lines under my eyes and on my forehead. Olay Micro Sculpting serum feels so amazing. It has a really silky texture, a great scent, and makes my skin firmer and softer. I am fresh out of this bottle and am planning on buying another.

Step 5: Moisturize. CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion is my all time favorite moisturizer. I have been using it for a few years on and off and I always go back to this one. I like it because it is super moisturizing but very light feeling when applied. It is also so good for your skin because it has ceramides and is fragrance free. To finish moisturizing I dab on Clinique All About Eyes, which has a cooling sensation that makes my eyes feel refreshed.

Thanks for reading! Tell me about your skincare routine in the comments!

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